If you currently use an eyebrow pencil you'll benefit from permanent makeup for eyebrows.

Eyebrow Consultation

Your unique eyebrow enhancement will be specially created to suit the shape of your face and skin colour.

It will bring greater definition to your eyes.

Before treatment an eyebrow pencil is used to draw in new ‘hairs’ and to enable you to see what your new brows will look like.

The shape and colour will be perfected and treatment will only proceed when you are completely satisfied.

Eyebrow Process

Permanent makeup pigments are implanted into the skin using tiny strokes that look like fine hairs, giving your eyebrows a natural look.

The treatment usually takes about two hours and the brows will look 30-40% darker at first lightening to the desired shade in 3-4 days.

Full recovery depends on the client but usually takes 1-2 weeks.

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Eyebrow Retouch

Four to six weeks after the initial treatment you may need to come back for a retouch to replace any pigment lost during the healing phase.

Once this has been completed the treatment will then last about 12-18 months before a colour boost treatment is required to maintain your fabulous new brows.

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Contact Wendy to discuss your eyebrows and to arrange a consultation.

With over 25 years working in the beauty industry she is able to recognise the full potential of your face regardless of age, and redefine your look.